Traditions and festivities in Culiacán

Celebrating as a community


Fiestas in Culiacan focus on mysticism and community life, where the local people and visitors come together to celebrate life, prosperity and even death.


One of the most representative fiestas is the Feast of Our Lady of Candlemas, held on February 1 with a pilgrimage from the city’s Cathedral to the village of Quilá. During the night the local people come out onto the streets with lighted candles to proclaim their devotion.


The Day of the Dead is also an important festivity, which here is held in the cemeteries of Culiacan, where the graves are decorated and a respectful celebration is held full of good humor and merry-making.


The celebration of the founding of Culiacan and is Cultural Festival are also in November; another of the foremost celebrations of the proud people of Sinaloa is that for San Miguel Archangel, as well as the Livestock, Commercial and Industrial Fair that takes place in the month of October.

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