Traditions and Festivities in Pachuca

Rodeos, craft, cuisine and concerts enliven the Pachuca’s Fair


The most important festivity in the state of Hidalgo is the Pachuca Fair, an event which takes place during October and brings together thousands of visitors that come to enjoy the charreadas, palenques, rodeos, craft as well as industrial and farm fairs. There are also folk dances and arcades.


Other important celebrations in the area include: the “Feria de Maguey” (“Maguey Fair”) and “Cebada en Apan” (“Barley in Apan”), which take place during 10 days in April, starting on the Friday prior to Easter. During these celebrations chefs from all over Mexico look for articles made of Maguey fiber and food which has barley as a base. Tecozautla’s “Feria de la Fruta” (“Fruit Fair”), is celebrated on July 25. There, among other products, you can find conserves, wines, jams and cider.

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